Eagan Inclusive Micro-Markets, Vending Machines, Office Coffee Services and Filtered Water Machines

Wugs Vending Eagan
Eagan's Unique Vending Machines Experience
Wugs Vending's innovative vending services empower Eagan employees. Our vending machines are stocked with an array of snacks and beverages that reflect the multicultural tastes of the South Metro. From fresh sandwiches and wraps to exotic boba teas, our custom USA built machines offer a delightful selection to suit every preference. Wugs vending machines feature remote inventory monitoring, ensuring your Eagan breakroom is always stocked with diverse snacks.
Office Coffee and Filtered Water Keep Eagan Hydrated
Start your Eagan workday with a perfect cup of coffee courtesy of Wugs Vending's office coffee solutions. Our offerings include a diverse range of coffees and teas sourced from around the world. Our bean-to-cup and Keurig coffee machines ensure consistency and quality with every cup. Additionally, our water and ice dispensers provide pure, refreshing hydration throughout the day, keeping your employees energized and focused.
Convert your Eagan vending bank into a Wugs Micro-Market
Unlike traditional vending machines, our Micro-Markets offer an eclectic mix of snacks, beverages, and food items curated from around the globe. From local favorites to international delights, there's something to tantalize every palate. Picture open coolers showcasing fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, and artisanal snacks alongside shelves stocked with beverages from far-off lands. Rehab the breakroom and transform traditional vending machines into an open diverse marketplace.