Andover Cultural Micro-Markets, Vending Machines, Office Coffee, and Filtered Water

Wugs Vending Andover
Mankato Offices and Factories Need Cultural Vending Machines
Wugs vending machines connect and represent Mankato employees from all backgrounds. After all, who doesn't like trying new foods? With tap-to-pay, iVend guaranteed drop laser sensors, and advanced touchscreen technology, Wugs Vending services revolutionize Mankato breakrooms.
Mankato Bean-to-Cup Office Coffee Services
Start your Mankato workday with the perfect cup of coffee from Wugs Vending. Our advanced machines can make espressos, machiattos, hot tea, lattes, and more. Whether your team prefers robust espresso blends or delicate herbal infusions, our coffee machines are equipped to deliver exceptional quality and flavor. Wugs water and ice dispensers connect directly into office plumbing and purify the water using advanced filtration systems.
Mankato's Micro-Market Experts
Wugs Open Markets allow employees to select their favorite snacks and beverages that represent their culture. Each market is stocked with fresh and healthy fruits, salads, sandwiches, and more. Wugs self-checkout kiosks are unique in the industry-they are able to accept credit cards as well as give change back for cash purchases. Step into the world of international micro markets today.