Inclusive micro-market and smart store services that reechoes the diversity of communities in the Twin Cities metro area. Home away from home.
About Wugs
  • Wugs is an initiative that spurs inclusivity through global foods and beverages. Our convenient self-checkout markets serve to celebrate the diversity of every community and workplace.

  • Wugs was created to address a gap in the micro-market and convenience industry by providing affordable and convenient access to snack and beverage options that mirror underrepresented and international communities. Wugs grab & go stations and smart fridges offers everything from fresh sushi to flavorful jarritos and plantain chips.

  • We are dedicated to donating 10% of our proceeds to charity in order to drive great equity, inclusion, and exposure to different cultures.

Wugs provides global food, beverage, and coffee products through micro-markets, vending solutions, smart stores, and commercial coffee services.
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"Equity, inclusion, and diversity aren’t one big thing you do – it’s a million little things that we all do every day" - Dr. Saba | Medtronic
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  • Sandy Vang

    "I was shook to find Asian snacks in the vending machine! Super convenient. Best thing ever"!

  • Tsion Kirtner
    "Wugs is very convenient and easily accessible. If you change your mind about getting a product, you can return it before paying which is why I prefer Wugs over any other vending".
  • Isaiah Herr
    "Love this service! Great variety of things to choose from"!
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